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David Deutsch's Lectures on Quantum Computing

Posted: 2024-06-11
Tags: Quantum

David Deutsch was a founder of the quantum computing field1. He prepared and recorded set of lectures on the subject.

Official Source

David Deutsch’s Lectures on Quantum Computing2 are officially available from the Quantum Information Processing and Communications Network of Excellence (QUIPROCONE) website. The organization seems to be defunct (or at least in deep hibernation), but the six lectures and three sets of exercises are still available.

The videos were originally available as a DVD, but now are only available as (abysmally low quality) WMV files. The video of lecture two seems to have been encoded and re-uploaded at some point with different settings, and it has playback issues.


Luckily, the videos are also available from a Youtube playlist. The resolutions are the same as the official site’s but video two seems to play correctly.

There are a few spots were audio cuts out for several seconds, but this happens in both the WMV and Youtube copies.


A transcript of the lectures3 was made by Ben Webb and Dan-Adrian German. The transcript seems quite good, and Dan-Adrian German has a page on the Indiana University Bloomington site with a list of good quantum computing resources4.